The transmision of know-how: A sacred duty

« Each man is our double, wearing a mask hiding this brotherhood. Knowing about humanity is learning to know ourselves better. »

Since 1755, Vacheron Constantin has remained unswervingly loyal to its five fundamental values: the pursuit of excellence, creativity, passing on know-how, preserving cultural differences and openness towards the world.

While our Manufacture is itself a faithfully perpetuated heritage, it is also establishing itself as a cultural and social institution in its own right. It is committed to activities of general interest that are both legitimate and useful.

Legitimate, because our company passes on the skills and expertise of the watchmaking art through successive generations of watchmakers. This is the unshakeable foundation of our present and the guarantee of our future.

Useful, because our corporate approach is designed to demonstrate our deep-felt attachment to the vast treasures of humankind, however diverse and remote.

We are giving concrete expression to these values by supporting the Barbier-Mueller Museum Cultural Foundation.

For several years now, Vacheron Constantin has been cooperating with the Barbier-Mueller Museum in Geneva, in a spirit that constantly draws us closer to the very origins of humanity. We have a sense of solidarity with all human beings who, throughout the ages, have succeeded in preserving and perpetuating their own traditions.

We hope our commitment will pave the way for other institutions and individuals who share the same ideal.

Geneva, April 2010

Juan-Carlos Torres
Chairman of Vacheron Constantin
Chairman of the Board of the Foundation